Video Booths

Our video booth rentals allow your guests to record personal messages to you throughout your wedding or event. All video clips will then be sent to you on a USB drive and hosted in an online gallery. For a special keepsake, you can upgrade to a fully edited DVD!

The open concept design of a Soapbox Video Booth allows for large groups to toast you at once. We use professional quality video, audio and lighting equipment which are designed to give a relaxed feel without compromising the quality of the final video, whether you look out over your event, or choose one of our traditional backdrops.

Our enclosed video booths offer a more traditional look and feel, with the same high quality videos, touchscreen operation and an external viewing monitor!

Video Booth Rental Toronto

How it Works

Our delivery technicians will quickly setup the Soapbox Video Booth in your desired location (our booths take less than 5 minutes to setup and test). From there, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 for your guests!

  1. Have a seat!

    The video booth will show your guests on screen so they can line themselves up and then simply hit the start button!

  2. Leave your message!

    After a brief countdown, the video booth will begin to record the message. An onscreen timer displays how much time is remaining.

  3. Done!

    Once the timer has run out, the video booth will automatically stop the recording and reset for the next guest. If your guests are done early, they can simply hit the ‘Stop’ button.

At the end of your rental, we will pick up the video booth and bring it back to our facility where we will upload the individual clips to a private password protected gallery for you to view. If desired, our editors can even process your video and send you out a professionally edited video complete with menus, chapters & customized artwork!

Planning a wedding or event? Book your Soapbox Video Booth Rental today!

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